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Femidon and Hormone Pill

Christian attitudes to use of contraception:

Roman Catholics believe that sex is only meant for marriage between a man and a woman for the sole reason of reproduction. The use of contraception is not in keeping with human nature and is against God's Natural Law. It is natural that conception may follow from sexual intercourse and therefore should not be prevented by contraception. Protestant churches believe that adults are responsible for their own decisions regarding having children. They believe that it is up to the adults as to whether they want to use contraception as children should be brought up in a loving, caring environment. Protestant believe that contraceptions allows for family planning and helps with population control.

Christian church teachings on sex are outdated.I agree as society has changed and progressed with time and there can be many different interpretations of the written words of the Bible. Christian teachings generally say that sex is wrong unless it happens within a loving, commited marriage. They believe that the joy of sex should only be enjoyed within the safety of marriage for a stable environment, which is essential as the sold purpose of sex is reproduction and children should be brought up in loving environemtns with loving parents. The christian church also teaches that homosexuality is a sin as God made a man and a woman in Genesis. Many christians believe that these teachings are still relevant and can still be applied to modern life, as they are God's word and are written in the Bible. However, this is seen as outdated as the Bible was written many years ago, when life was much different. Reproduction is also no longer the sole purpose of sexual intercourse. It is now enjoyed y people as an expression of love, for pleasure, and to show commitment to one another.

Why do Christians believe in chastity?

Christians believe in sexual purity because Paul tells the Corinthians that people should respect their bodies and not abuse them as 'Your body is a temple of the Holy spirit'. The bible also teaches that sex should be emjoyed within the commitment of marriage. These christians accept loving and commite sexual relationships, but do not approce of recreational or casual sex. All christians take the commandment 'You shall not commit adultery' very seriously, as is interpreted by some as not having sex before marriage, as this is outside of marriage.

What is meant by the term chastity?

Chastity is defined as having moral standards and restraint as regards to sexual relations. It means sexual purity and not having sex before marriage.

Outline Christian beliefs about homosexuality.

Chrisitan attitudes vary very widely concerning homosexuality. Many RC christians believe that people with homosexual tendencies should be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity, with no discrimination against them. However, the Anglican church has many disputes about homosexuality. Some believe that practising homosexuals should be ordained as priests or bishops and that homosexuality is a sin. Others…


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