Chemistry C3 Part 4

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Based on Edexcel Texbook

pg 106-107 Working with Gases

Breakdown of plant material creates a mixture of gases including hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane. The mixture is called firdamp and can be found in mines where it is responsible for the death of miners as it is explosive and poisonous. Saftey officers have to check for levels of these gases.

According to Avagadro's Law one mole of any gas has the same volume as any other gas this is called molar volume and it's value can be used in calculations invloving moles masses and volumes. At room temperature and pressure the volume of a gas is about 24 dm cubed.

Number of moles= Volume of gas / molar volume

pg 108-109 Looking at solutions

Analytical Chemists working for the Trading Standards Department check the contents of products to see if the maufactures claims are true. On contents labels levels of concentration in solutions are…


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