Chemistry- Energetics (Year 8)



In enthodermic and exothermic reactions, energy is transferred to or from the surroundings when a chemical reaction happens. 

In endothermic reactions, energy enters

In exothermic reactions, energy exits

Bonds between atoms and ions, are broken and formed in chemical reactions, whenever that happens there is energy transfer.

Energy is given out by the reaction, and transfered out to the surroundings, or taken in, and transfered from the surroundings. Either way, the amount of energy present changes. 

Endothermic reactions, take energy from their surroundings. Meaning that, whatever those surroundings are; the air, the water in a solution, or the test tube the reaction is happening in, the surrounding is going to get colder, which means there will be a temperature decrease as the reaction takes place. (e.g. photosynthesis, and dissolving salt).

Exothermic reactions, transfer energy to their surroundings, usually by heating, causing the surrounding's temperature to increase. (e.g. combustion reactions, neutralizing reactions). 

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