Cash Flow (Business Studies Revision GCSE)


Business Studies

Cash flow

Companies need to budget and be aware of cash flow in order to stay solvent.


Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of the business.

Close up of someone filling out a direct debit form to pay bills (

Cash flows out of the business when bills are paid

  • Cash flows into the business as receipts, eg from cash received from selling products or from loans.
  • Cash flows out of the business as payments, eg to pay wages, supplies and interest on loans.
  • Net cash flow is the difference between money in and money out.

Profit and cash flow are two very different things. Cash flow is simply about money coming and going from the business. The challenge for managers is to make sure there is always enough cash to pay expenses when they are due, as running out of cash threatens the survival of the business.


If a business runs out of cash and cannot pay…


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