Carbohydrates 1:simple sugars

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Carbohydrates in living organims
carbohydrates make up about 10% of the organic matter of a cell. functions include
Energy source - released from glucose during respiration
Energy store - starch etc
Structure - cellulose etc

Some carbohydrates form part of larger molecules, e.g nucleic acids and glycolipids
For every carbohydrate present in a carbohydrate the equivalant water molecule is also present  

Simple Sugars
Simplest carbohydrates are called monosaccharides - these are basic units of carbohydrates. larger carbohydrates are made by joining monosaccharides together

Number of different monosaccharides, containing between 3 and 6 carbon atoms. they are all
  Soluble in water
  Sweet tasting
  Form crystals

Monosaccharides are


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