C&D - Victim surveys conducted by sociologists

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  • Realist sociologist such as Young and Lea - BCS tell us very little about the day to day experience of living in high crime areas such as the inner city or problem council estates.
  • Realists and feminists - structured interviews end up imposing the priorities of government sociologists on those taking part in the interview.
  • Responses restricted by the closed nature of the questions and the limited choice of answers.
  • Little insight into how people interpret and experience crime in their everyday environment.

Non-official victim surveys:

  • Left Realists - BCS has tended to neglect the concentration of crime found in inner city areas and on deprived council estates.

The Islington Crime Survey:

  • Islington Crime Survey carried out by the Left Realist sociologists Lea and Young used sympathetic unstructured interviewing techniques.
  • Victims in inner London…


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