C2(i) - Bonding and Reactions 14.

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The Mole.

"The Mole" is Simply the Name Given to a Certain Number.

Just like a million is this many: 1 000 000; or a billion is this many: 1 000 000 000, so "a mole" is this many: 602 300 000 000 000 000 000 000 or 6.023 x1023.

1) It is just a number, but the question is why we have this number.

2) The answer is that when you get precisely that number of atoms of carbon-12 it weighs exactly 12g. So, get that number of atoms or molecules, of any element or compound, and conveniently, they weigh exactly the same number of grams as the relative atomic mass, Ar (or Mr) of the element or compound.This is arranged on purpose to make life easier.

One mole of atoms or molecules of any substance will have a mass in


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