BY5.7 Ecosystems



  • a natural unit of interaction between living (biotic) and non living (abiotic) factors

components of an ecosystem:

  • population:
    • all organisms of one species who live in the same place at the sae time and can interbreed
  • community:
    • all the populations of different species who live in the same place at the same time and can interact together
  • habitat:
    • where an organism lives
  • biotic features:
    • the impact of living organisms on other living organisms in an ecosystem
  • abiotic features:
    • different types of non living factors
    • e.g. soil, light, temperature etc.
  • microhabitats:
    • small localities wihtin a habitat with its own particualr conditions
  • ecological niche:
    • the role each species plays in an ecosystem
    • 2 species cannot occupy the same niche in a specific habitat


  • process by which organisms gain energy to maintain life functions
  • most autotrophs use sumple organic moleulces (CO2, H2O) to manufacture energy
  • heterotrophic organisms consume complex organic food molecules


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