Blood brothers

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Blood brothers- Meaning and Plot.

What is the play about?

  • How class affects the way people live,
  • How mothers destroy their sons because of loving them too much. 
  • Life in Liverpool, going from a comedy to tragedy. 
  • Working class andf middle class.
  • Separated at birth, tragic deaths on the same day they are only 20. 
  • love story, married to a depressive prisioner and has an affair with a friend from the past.
  • Superstition can ruin peoples lives

Linda's appearance.

Dont know anything about Lindas appearance purely because she has to play her as a child, teenager and young adult. 

Lindas childhood and background.

Her parents and family are not brought in to the musical so we know nothing about them. 

Page 30- Linda is first mentioned, Mickey and Linda are good friends and they are in a gang whereas Sammy is in another one. 

Page 32- Protects Mickey and moves to make sure she does

Page 33- Undaunted by Sammy, acts as though she is much older than Mickey. 

Page 34- Has a good sense of humour "We'll try an' shoot his little thingy off"

Page 36- Shes a daredevil. " Let's throw some stones through them windows"

Linda's relationship with Mickey

Page 48- Linda protects Mickey from Sammy on the bus

Page 52- Stands up for Mickey


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