Blanche Dubois

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  • Blanche Dubois: sexual desire: blanche admits that she knows about sexual desire many a time thoughout the play but particulary in scene four: "when the devil is in you"
  • "you make my mouth-water"
  • "you look like a young prince of the arabian nights"
  • contradictions: she has a seductive manner yet only responds well to old fashioned ideals
  • flirts with stanley
  • inconsistencies in her personality and behaviour - a hypocrite
  • ignorance of Belle Reves loss
  • unpredictable in nature
  • appearance is, "incongruous to the setting"
  • "white" contradicts her sexual curiosity in the past - she wants to portray herself as virginal because she longs for a fairy tale love
  • "ressembled a moth"- delicate figure and fading beauty that , "most avoid a strong light"
  • she appears insecure in her appearance as constantly asks stella for her opinions
  • Faults: snobbery, calls stanley a polack…


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