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Form 5 -Definitions

Hormones : travel through the blood stream and influence target cells & changing their activity in various ways

Endocrine system : consists of ductless glands.

Pancreas : controls the amount of sugar in the body. 

Islets : Secrete Hormones

Arterioles : a small blood vessle L

Adh - Anti-Diuretic hormone

Gh - Growth hormone

Fsh -Follicle stimulizing hormone

Lh - Lutenizing hormone

Tsh - tyroid stimulizing hormone  

Cranial Nerves : Nerves connected to the brain

Spinial Nerves : Nerves connected to the spine

Nerve impulse : a nerve message thet is sent by a tiny localised pulse electricity

Nerve Fibres : Extra long nerve cell

Sensory receptors : organs that recieve a stimulus

Mylin sheath : Layer of fatty cells around the axon & dendrites

Dendron/Dendrites : a fibre that carries an impulse towards the body

Axon : carries impulse away from the cell body


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