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  • Healthy means being free of any infections or diseases
  • Fit is a measure of how well you can peform physical exercise
  • Blood pressure is measured in two measurements which are systolic/diastolic
  • Things that can effect your blood pressure are - Diet, Overweight, Amount of exercise you do, Stress, Large consumption of alcohol
  • Respiration is a process in which your body releases energy from glucose, this happens constantly in every cell in your body
  • Aerobic respiration uses oxygen
  • The equation for Aerobic respiration is - Glucose + oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + water (+energy)
  • Anaerobic respiration happenes without oxygen
  • The equation for this form of respiration is - Glucose -> Lactic acid (+energy)
  • Eating to much can cause obesity
  • Eating to little can cause problems also
  • Your BMI tells you whether you are underweight, overweight or normal
  • Carbohydrases break down carbohydrates
  • Proteases convert proteins into amino acids
  • Lipases convert fats into fatty acids and glycerol
  • Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens
  • The four main pathogens there are are - Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses & Protozoan
  • Malaria is cause by a protozoan
  • Your immune system deals with theses pathogens by - Concuming them, Producing antitoxins, producting antibodies
  • Immunistation stops you getting infections
  • You can take antibiotics to get rid of bacterial infections
  • Scurvy - Caused by a lack of vitamin C
  • Anaemia - Caused by a lack of iron
  • Red-Green Colour Blindness…


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