Biology 9.1 Genetic Diversity

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Genetic Diversity

  • Proteins make an organsim different, DNA determines variety of proteins that make up each organism.
  • Differences in DNA = genetic diversity.
  • All members of the same species have same genes e.g. humans have gene for blood group.
  • Type of group depends on alleles.
  • Organisms differ in their alleles not their genes.
  • Greater number of different alleles a species has = greater genetic diversity.
  • Greater genetic diversity = species more likely to be able to adapt to environment change. 
  • Wider range of alleles = wider range of characteristics.
  • Greater probability that an individual will have characteristic that suits it to new environment.

Selective breeding

Also called artificial selection.

Individuals w/ desired characteristics used to parent next generation, offspring without desired characteristics prevented from breeding.

Variety of alleles deliberately restricted to breed unwanted alleles out of…




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