Biology 1a

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The Menstrual Cycle

Average length of menstrual cycle is 28 days ----------->                                                                                                                     Each month the lining of the womb thickes ready for pregnancy. At the same time an egg starts maturing in the ovary---------->                                                                                                           14 days later an egg is released------------->                                                                                                     If egg is fertilised the lining of the womb protects and provides food for the developing embryo-----////But if egg is not fertilised the linig of the womb and dead egg shed from the body.


Stimulate is just another name which means to make something happen          And INHIBIT means to STOP something happening

FSH ====>>secreted by pituitary gland. It makes the egg mature in the ovaries + stimulates ovaries to produce oestrogen

OESTROGEN ====>>made and secreted by ovaries. Stimulates lining of womb to build up + stimulates pituitary glands to make LH

LH ====>>secreted by pituitary gland


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