Bayonet Charge vs Charge of the light brigade

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Bayonet Charge and Charge of the light brigade :

Charge of the light brigade:

Introduction and context:

  • Crimean War (1860's)
  • British army generals ordered the 'Light brigade' which only had swords whereas the russion soldiers had heavy artilery - military miscommunication
  • Known as the national tradgedy - poem published 6 weeks after
  • poem might be propaganda itself because it tries to glorify and celebrate the achievemnent of soldiers

Tennyson depicts powerless figures who are under control of others, led to their own suffering. He ultimatley supports authority, even though 600 soldiers either died or were injured but he praises the soldiers for their obediance.


'Valley of death' 

- Sounds sinister and forebodes the soldiers deaths - soldiers have no choice but to follow the orders that led to their deaths - biblical reference make the poem seem solemn and significant

'Jaws of Death'

- Personifys death and makes it seem like a monster that the soldiers cant escape - animilastic imagery illustrates fearful brutal nature of war - the battlefield is a predator and soldiers and are helpless prey - death is inevitable

'Honour the charge they made!/Honour the light brigade/ the noble six'

- Repeated use of the words suggesting respect and status ( honour and noble) emphasises the suffering the soldiers have achieved lasting glory, thus becoming powerful in their deaths - final lines of the poem reinforces Tennysons message that obeying authority


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