B5 science

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Growth and Development

-Cells are the building blocks of all living life

-All cells contain DNA => Nucleic acid which is found in the Nucleus of a cell

-DNA molecules are in the form of a DOUBLE HELIX and contains a GENETIC CODE.

-DNA determines the biological development of a cell from a single-celled organism to complex organisms.

-All cells contain organelles=> Different parts of the cell's structure

Plant cell:

Cell wall-Made of cellulose, this strengthens cell

Permanent vacuole-Filled with Cell Sap, it helps support the cell

Cell Membrane-Controls movement in and out of cell

Chloroplast-Contains CHLOROPHYLL which absorbs light energy to make food

Nucelus-Controls what the cell does,contain genetic info

Cytoplasm-Most chemical reactions take place here

Animal Cell:

Cytoplasm-Most chemical reactions take place here. May contain mitochondria which is where most energy is released in respiration

Ribosome membrane

Ribosomes-Where protein synthesis occurs

Cell membrane-Controls movement in and out of cell





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