AS Level Business Unit 1 AQA

What C refers to the actual inflows and outflows of money in and out of the business? – Cash flow

What O is the next best alternative? – Opportunity cost

What R is when each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected? Random Sampling

What M is a term used to indicate the increase in potential sales? Market growth

What L is the temporary provision of money, usual with interest? Loan

What O is the excess over a credit balance? Overdraft

What F is a legal agreement to use another Companies Business Model? Franchise

What E is someone who takes a risk and organises a business venture? Entrepreneur

What B refers to what goals a business needs to achieve to achieve its Aims? Business Objectives

What M compares the amount of sales a business has in comparison to others? Market Share

What F is a cost that does not vary with output? Fixed Costs

What B is when a business makes neither a profit nor a loss? Breakeven

What Q looks at the motives behind consumer behaviour? Qualitative Data

What B refers to forward financial plans for income, expenditure and profit? Budgets

What P is revenue minus all costs? Profit

What L is termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities? Liquidation

What A is a process to increase the price a consumer would pay for a product? Added Value

What Q refers to numerical research? Quantitative Data

What C is planned future financial documentation? Cash Flow Forecast

What L can protect owner’s personal assets? Limited Liability

What B is where the aim of the business is found? Business Plan

What is the A in SMART? Agreed/Achievable

What O is a model of growth for a business? Organic

What P is an objective shareholders would be keen on? Profit

What S is an example of profit or survival? Short term

What M is when two firms agree to combine? Merger

What C is an important stakeholder for Tesco's? Customers

What S is someone who has an interest in a business? Stakeholder

What S is a short term objective of a new business? Survival

What M is increased to gain more power in the market place? Market Share

What D are the people who set




This is a set of questions relating to unit 1. The answers are included which makes it hard to test yourself but can be used as a revision quiz for several students with one person acting as the quiz master.



the answers need to be separate in order to challenge ourselves and revise properly by memorizing