Art and Design Studies Exam - Intermediate 2

Section 1 - Expressive

Question 1A - 10 Marks

Points to be covered in answer (Remember, this does not mean every one of these bullet points should be in the essay you write [especially since you only have 15 minutes] the question will tell you what areas you are to discuss, i.e Shape, Colour and Pattern - from here you expand on this, and remember that you're essay should consist of an introduction, middle and conclusion, with everything you say justified and a splash of personal opinion everywhere) :-

  • Colour - Secondary Colours (Green, Orange and Purple). Primary Colours (Red, Blue and Yellow). Colour harmonies (colours which seem to blend i.e colours that are harmonious [do not contrast]. Colour Opposite (colours which do contrast, and somewhat stand out).
  • Subject - This is referring to the subject matter, what's in the painting? What's the main subject? i.e Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoes (1885) the subject matter is the shoes.
  • Composition - this is the placement or arrangement of visual elements (Visual Elements: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Texture, Colour, Space).
  • Light & Tone - this refers to the light and dark tones of an expressive piece of art. Do the light and dark tones vary? Are they unstable or do they blend? Ask yourself these questions.
  • Media Technique - (materials…


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