Arguments to prove the existence of God

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Ontological Argument:

  • God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived. We can't think of anything greater than God so therefore God must exist.
  • BUT..
  • It is only based on definition, humans are limited in their understanding and knowledge. 
  • How can we define God if we don't fully understand what he is like?

Cosmological Argument:

  • The universe must have come from somewhere- Christians believe it came from God, God is the first cause as everything has a cause and effect
  • There must be a first cause, the only thing powerful enough is God
  • BUT...
  • What caused God? 
  • There are also scientific theories such as the Big Bang which explains that matter is eternal, it has always been there

Teleological (Design) Argument:

  • The world shows it has been created or designed by someone- so complex
  • Paley watch (a watch is so complex it must have been designed not just made) and Newtons thumbprint…




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