AQA Physics 2: Key Equations

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These are some of the key equations you may need for the P2 exam, sometimes they are given to you but sometimes they expect you to use your own knowledge but using the numbers given. For example the question may be: write the equation linking mass, acceleration and force. So hopefully this helps :)

Acceleration (m/s2) = Change in velocity (m/s)  ÷ Time taken for change (seconds)

Slope of the line (speed in a distance-time graph and acceleration in a velocity-time graph) = height of triangle  ÷ base of triangle 

Resultant Force (N) = Mass (kg) x





Miss KHP


Nice revision tool, recommend students read this - Key equations easily condensed. Simple, colourful and easy to read! 

Good for AQA GCSE Additional Science.

Ria Phull


are these all the equations we need to know for the whole physics paper? or is it just P2?