AQA B2 Biology


Okay, so the first thing you need to know is yours cells.

There are two cells, the plant and the animal (you were probably taught them as a rectangle on and a circular one...that's fine!)

Now your animal and plant cells have 5 things in common and they are:

Nucleus - this is basically the god of the cell as it controls the cells activities 

Cell Membrane - this is like your mum, it controls what goes in and out of the cell 

Mitochondria - this is like the supply, it is where respiration happens and it used for energy

Cytoplasm - this is where most chemical reactions take place, think of it as a lab?

Ribosomes - think of this guy as a body builder. they like protein to build muscles, yes? well this is where that protein is made (proteinsynthesis) body builders likes this!

Okay so now we have that covered we now need to focus on the extras that those lucky plant cells have.

Cell Wall - this is basically the brick work of the cell that gives is support!

Chloroplast - don't get it mixed up with Chloropyll, it contains Cholorphyll in green plants and is used in photosynthesis

Vacuole - bit of a lonely guy, he contains cell sap and is just there for a shear buzz. 


well, this isnt the most tricky topic so lets just run through the basics shall we? 

Right well, any cell that turns into a specialised cell goes through…


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