- Play begins IN MEDIUS REX alike to Oedipus (middle of action).

- Antigone sets out background information - reminds the audience of the curse of Oedipus' family and the decree Creon has set out that no one shall bury or even mourn Polynices as a traitor to the city. 

- Implores Ismene to share the labour and bury him.

- In her refusal, Ismene sets out the sadness that has occurred to their family by outlining the suicide of Jocasta and the expelling of Oedipus.

- Also talks of how women are "not born to contend with men." = also how she cannot stand against those in power. 

- Antigone replies proudly - that Ismene now won't be welcomed into the labour and her death through the act will be an honour. 

- When Ismene declares she'll keep it secret, Antigone tells her to "tell


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