Antigone Costumes

  • Created by: Kat
  • Created on: 12-06-18 14:40


-          Played by a woman in modern times though at the time Antigone would have been played by a man

-          Cast her as a brunette  

-          Wouldn’t have masks so the actor’s faces can be seen but reference that they were used to exaggerate expressions

-          Dark purple, long dress – goes in at the hips  

-          Black chiton (robe) with hood that reaches the floor to hide and conceal her when she is burying Polynices, gold detailing around the edges of it

-          Made from wool, flax and silk

-          Loose bun with hair waved at the front – possible gold/purple headband?

-          Hair was often cut short when they are sentenced, consider this for when Antigone is sent to her death?

-          Simple brown kothurnus to reflect the little power Antigone had


-          Cast Ismene


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