Antibiotic resistance


Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infection by either killing the cells or inhibiting them. Each antibiotic is different and destroys the cell in its own way, but the most common methood is by inhibiting the enzymes on a bacterial cells cell wall and preventing it from growth. By doing this, the cell wall is weakened and water from the cells surroundings can ebter via osmosis. Because the water build up is heavy and fast the cell will burts, this is known as cell lysis.

When a baterial cell mutates its DNA base code is altered. This code is used in the production of proteins, and is it changes so does the proteins produced. Antibiotics use the bacterias enzymes in order to inhibit the growth of a cell, and because enzyes have an active site the antibiotic has to be a complementary inhibitor. When the proteins change the enzymes are different (enzymes are proteins) so the antibiotics cant bind and inhibit the cells, so the bacteria is then said to…


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