Animal and Plant Cells

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Animal Cells: 

  • nulceus
  • mitochondria
  • ribosomes
  • cell membrane
  • cytoplasm

Plant Cells:

  • nucleus
  • cell membrane
  • cell wall
  • vacuole
  • cytoplasm
  • chloroplasts
  • ribosomes
  • mitochondria

Definitions of the parts of cells

  • Cell Membrane: partially permeable membrane that allows substances to go in and out of the cell.
  • Cytoplasm: A jelly-like material in which all the cellular processes and reactions take place.
  • Nucleus: contains the genetic information , or the DNA.
  • Mitochondria: site of energy release by respiration
  • Ribosomes: site of…


Regina Marjanovics

I tried to include as much details as i could and make this page as easy to memorise as possible. I hope you find it useful. :) good luckk


this has helped me thank u

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