An Inspector Calls Characters - The Inspector

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The Inspector

  • The Inspector is a very mysterious character. Priestley has done this deliberately so that the audience and questioning who he is at the end of the play. It makes the Inspector have a bigger impression on the audience.
  • This sense of myster is quite omnious and means the audience and the charaters are scared of him. "has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses" This shows that he is imtimidating and that he shows that he is powerful before speaking. The stare suggests that he is able to read a person by looking at them and that he can almost see what they are thinking.
  • His name may suggest something to the audience "Goole. G. double O-L-E." This could be a pun on the word ghoul which suggests that the Inspector is supernatural and therefore is frightening. The fact that he is not quite a man is suggested in his last speech, "And I tell you that the time will come soon when, if men will not learn" here he isn't classing himself as a man.
  • The Inspector first enters after Mr Birling has been lecturing Gerald and Eric, "'that a man has to mind his own business and look after him and his own - and -' We hear the sharp ring of the front door bell. Birling stops to





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