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  • lighting changes from warn and friendly to harsh and less friendly
  • characters aee literally under the spotlight - like an investigation
  • pink lighting = intimate, cosy, optimistic
  • white lighitng = seeking the truth
  • the plays ending suggests the Birlin family will have to go through their interrogation again

Act one = Arthur, Sheila

Act two = Gerald, Sybil

Act three = Eric, then the inspector leave the house

What is the inspector?

  • a real police officer
  • someone who knew Eva
  • an enemy of Mr Birling
  • a ghost (goole-ghoul)
  • God or devil
  • a manifestation of each characters guilt or moral responsibility

physical `real` options

supernatural options

Birling is the antithesis of Goole (Priestleys beliefs)

Goole is a dramatic device used by Priestley to promote socialism.

  • set in 1912
  • written in 1945
  • Arthur Birling = capitalist
  • Inspector Goole = socialist (voice of Priestley)
  • Gerald and Sheila were engaged
  • upper class family
  • Sybil married down the social ladder
  • Sheila marrying up in the social ladder
  • Eric is a "child"
  • Upper class = Mrs Birling + Gerald Croft
  • Middle class = Mr Birling + Inspector Goole
  • Working class = Eva Smith
  • never see Eva in the play which highlights the characters powerful influence / how the Birlings dont notice the lower working classes as the Birlings dont have to work for their money they have people working for them


  • snobby
  • traditional in role as wife
  • proud of her status
  • Arthurs "superior"
  • strict standards
  • doesnt change
  • has her mind made up throughout


  • self-important
  • ignorant
  • self-centred
  • no empathy
  • pleased with life
  • ambitious capitalist
  • no responsibility
  • wants control
  • powerful language
  • anxious underneath


  • drunk


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