Alkalis and Cholrine

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Bases are chemicals with a pH greater than 7.

Bases that are soluble in water are called alkalis.

They neutralise acids to produce salt.

Potassium hydroxide;Sodium carbonate;Sodium hydroxide are alkalis

The uses for alkalis are:

Manufactuaring glass

Making chemicals to bind natural dyes to cloth

As an electrolyte in long life batteries

Neutralising acid soils

Converts fat and oil into soap

Burnt wood

Stale urine

Chlorine is a greenish-yellowish poisonous gas in group 7 of the periodic table. It is one of the halogens.

Hydrochloric gas is a common name for hydrogen chloride. It can be converted to chlorine by an oxidation reaction that uses a catalyst.

Uses of chlorine:

Making bleach- which is a strong disinfectant. It contains sodium hypchlorite, which denatures proteins in microorganisms 

Treating drinking water- making a major contribution to public health

Killing microorganisms- in swimming pools

The disadvantages to…


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