Acceptance Revision

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Acceptance must be qualified and must correspond exactly with the terms of the offer - Hyde v Wrench - mirror image rule

Acceptance must be made by the offeree, in response to the offer - Boulton v Jones - must be made by offeree. R V Clarke - in response to the offer

Acceptance must be communicated - Felthouse v Bindley - Silence cannot amount to acceptance. Powell v Lee - Acceptance can be communicated by an authorized third party 

Acceptance by conduct - Taylor v Allen - taking the car on the road amounted to acceptance. Intense Investments - transferring money was deemed sufficirnt to amount to acceptance of repayment terms

Exceptions to the requirements of communication

Unilateral Offer - Carlil v Carbolic Smoke Ball - acceptance can be completed by an completion of an act

Conduct of the offeror - A offeror could be prevented from denying that he recieved an acceptance if it is his fault that he did not recieve it. - The Brimnes - fax sent during office hours, but the offeror did not read it. Entores v Miles Corp -


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