A Christmas Carol - Stave 3/Chapter3


What is the setting? 

The chapter starts in Scrooge's bedroom. The Ghost of Christmas Present takes him to various places: the Cratchits house; his nephews house; and other places where christmas is being celebrated. 

What is the situation? 

Scrooge wakes up  and it's one o'clock in the morning again. He sees a light coming from the next room and goes in. There, he finds the Ghost of Christmas Present, surrounded by food and christmas decorations. Scrooge tells him he has learned a lesson and is willing to learn more.

What happens? 

The Ghost shows Scrooge the streets of London, where everyone is preparing for christmas. He helps to create a good mood by sprinkling people with incense from the torch he carries. 

They go to the home of Scrooge's clerk, Bob Cratchit. Bob's wife and children are getting ready for christmas dinner. Bob comes in from church carrying his son, Tiny Tim, who is ill. 

The Cratchits have their christmas dinner and Scrooge sees how much they appreciate it despite


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