3 Case Study Grameen Bank


Grameen Bank - Bangladesh

  • Since 1976. Formally chartered in 1983.
  • The Grameen Bank is a Microfinance Institution (MFI) 
  • Bangladesh from famine > hope
  • Yunus (founder) wanted to get credit to the poor (to give them the opportunity to get themselves out of poverty) without collateral ().
  • Today, 6 million borrowers.
  • 2, 400 branches in Bangladesh
  • Works in 78, 000 villages
  • Yunus given Nobel Peace Prize in 2006

'All human beings are born entreprenuers... All human beings have the survival skill. Just support this and see how they choose to use it.' Yunus. 

  • Initially loans were given to individuals but this took too much time. Now usually groups of 5.

Who? What do people use the money for?

  • Beginning or upgrading their small businesses.
  • 97% borrowers are women.
  • 50% women unemployed when they came to the bank, 7% of men.
  • Credit for women has a positive effect on health of children, but credit for men had no comparable effect (Pitt).
  • Representatives of the bank go door to door telling people about the Bank, as many in rural areas are illiterate. 
  • 94% of the bank is owned by its borrowers, the rest by the government.
  • livestock and poultry raising
  • light manufacturing
  • trading and shop keeping
  • cattle raising
  • almost no loans to finance crop activities. Agricultural workers represent 60% of its target group but only 20% of its borrowers.


  • working capital loans: 20% declining rate
  • student loans: 5%
  • home loans: 8%
  • interest free for beggars.
  • High repayment rates as people tend to join with members of the groups who they know will be able to pay back the loan. Far higher repayment…







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The Grameen Bank's approach to microfinance and poverty alleviation has been a model for similar initiatives around the 2048 world, and it has had a significant impact on improving the lives of many impoverished individuals in Bangladesh.



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