2.4.4 Cofactors and Enzyme Inhibition


Cofactors and Coenzymes:

  • some enzymes only work with these
  • they are non-protein substances
  • Inorganic Cofactor:
    • some cofactors are inorganic molecules or ions
    • they work by binding the enzyme and substrate together
    • they don't directly participate and so aren't used up
  • Organic Cofactors: (coenzymes)
    • they are changed by the reaction
    • often act as carriers, moving chemical groups between different enzymes 
    • they are continuously recycled
    • vitamins are often sources of coenzymes 
  • Prostetic Group
    • a cofactor that is tightly bound to the enzyme


Enzyme Inhibitors:

  • can prevent enzyme activity 
  • they can be competitive and non-competative:
  • Competitive: 
    • have a similar shape to the


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