"1984" Reflection (Chapter 1)

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By Geroge Orwell

Chapter 1

(pages 3-5)

1984 is a novel writen in the late forties of the last century. It was writen as a prediction of what would the future look like.

The first sentance of the novel is a typical opening phrase that is aimed to set the atmospehre of the situation. "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were stricking thirteen". One could not fail to notice the contradiction in this quote. The oxymoron used by Orwell to  describe the moraning as both bright and cold manages to create a bit of confussion in the reader's head. Furthermore the the month of April is usualy asociated with the begining of spring and rebirth, however here it is something cold. This imigary aims to creates a picture, of a place that is hostile with its cold and "ville wind" but also exposed. there is nowhere to hide, I believe that the bright stands for the ability to be seen clearly, nothing is hidden. 

Then the first charecter of the novel is introduced to us. "Winston Smith has his chin nuzzeled into his breast in an atempt to escape the vile wind." From the very name "Winston Smith" we can deduce that this is a very oridanry man, because his family name "smith" is one of the most common names, however "Winston" bares resemblance to Winston Churchill who was viewed as a hero in Britain after the seoncd world war. So again we see Orwell contraditing himself. I think he is trying to indicate a change. The fact that the names are ordered in this way signifies this…


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