1.2.1 Memory Management

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  • Central part of the operating system. 

  • It manages the operations of the computer and the hardware.  

  • It can be a microkernel or a monolithic kernel.  

  • Manages memory management and scheduling. 

  • Lies below user interface. 


Memory Management:  

  • Memory stores the programs and the data in use by the system. 

  • It allows them to be stored safely and efficiently. 

  • Safety = Each program uses its own data – without management one program could change the data of another – could also be done maliciously – management restricts each program to accessing and amending its own area of data  

  • Efficiency = storing programs 


All memory is limited so, it needs to be managed. This is the job of the memory manager which is part of the operating system. The memory manager needs to allocate memory to programs and processes that demand to be run at the same time. Also, these processes and applications need to be protected from one another so


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