Youth Bulge

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The Theory of Youth Bulge

  • A theory that societies with rapidly growing youth population often ends up with
    • High unemployment rates (because the population is still young)
    • Dissatisfied youths
  • These youths are more susceptible to recruitment into rebel/terrorist groups
  • Countries with weak political institutions are the most vulnerable to youth-bulge related violence/social unrest
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Causes of Youth Bulge

Rapid Urbanisation

  • An increase in the number of people living in cities or towns
  • Cities in developing countries lack the infrastructure, resources or jobs to accomodate the influx of people
  • This makes conditions for black market conditions which in turn foster gangs/paramilitary groups (groups organised like a military force)
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Causes of Youth Bulge

Heightened expectation among job seekers

  • An abundance of skilled labour with degrees but no jobs available creates social unrest
  • This can be seen in the middle east where there is a mismatch between the skill set companies are looking for and what high schools/colleges are producing
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Causes of Youth Bulge

Environmental stresses

  • Youth bulges often lead to degradation of forests, water supplies and arable land
  • These degradations/shortages creat conflicts over scarce resources which can generate anti-government feelings
  • This can be seen in sub-saharan Africa
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Causes of Youth Bulge

Other causes

  • Low infant mortality rate
  • High fertility rates
  • low self-esteem from young people (which can lead to unemployment, dependency on parents, civil unrest and terrorism)
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Ways to Combat Youth Bulge

  • Create more jobs
  • Improve access to family planning measures (improed healthcare, contraception programs and education about contraception)
  • Do nothing (the youth bulge-related bloodshed eventually burns out once youths grow up or kill each other)
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Advantages of Youth Bulge

  • Youth bulges in societies can be economically productive as the populations can drive up economic gains
  • These youth bulges can also shape politics (South Africa's youth bulge played a part in the anti-apartheid movements) 
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