Worship and Celebration

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Importance of Baptism

  • Basis of a Christian Life and without it, you can't recieve another sacrement - Catechism
  • Through Baptism, a person is helped by the Catholic church to become a new person and grow in faith
  • Baptism washes away the persons orginal sin and it helps them acheive salvation
  • The Cathechism says that baptism is the only way to have salvation and wiothut salvation you are unable to get to heaven.
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Importance of confirmation

  • It makes a person a full member of the Church
  • Only people wh are confirmed can take on lay minstries
  • During confirmation, the gift of the Holy Spirit is given to give strength and to help the individual to live a Christian life.
  • In Baptism, it is the parents and godparents who make the promise, whereas in confirmation, the indiviadual makes the choice to declare their faith.
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Importance to Reconciliation

  • It offers the person to be able to strengthen relationship with God.
  • During the sacrement, the gift of grace gives the person help to live a Christian Life.
  • Allows the indiviadual reconcile with the community as well as God.
  • The sacrement gives foregiveness for serious sins,so they can recieve the Eucharist and salvation to enter heaven. 
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Importance of Anoiting of the Sick

  • The sacrament gives grace, spiritual strength and healing to help support the individual
  • The sacrament makes all Christains holy, not only those recieving it.
  • It is reassuring because of the love of the parish for a sick person.
  • Allows the persons sins to be forgiven, so they can enter heaven.
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