Why may an employee become redundant?

These are examples and not true. The BBC HQ is still in London.

But the recession example is true. Many businesses were even closed down due to the recession in the UK. However budget supermakrets like Aldi strived, bigger more expensive supermakrets to shop at, like M&S and TESCO suffered greatly.


Job Simply Not Required

  • Jobs simply not required

An example of this is that a business finds out that it has too many people hired as a secetary. So they will decide that there are too many people for thatt job and some people will have to become redundnat.

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Financial Problems

  • Financial problems

An obvious example of this would be, a buisness goes into financial problems. A common example would be when the United Kingdom (UK) went into recession. This affected many businesses financially because there was less cash flow through a recession meaning businesses were making less profit etc. This could affect a business meaning that some staff could be made redundant until the recession is over to keep the business out of a loss.

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Large Restructure

  • Large restructure

A example of this would be when a large business decides to move location. For example, say the BBC dieced to move their headquarters in Portland Place London, to Leeds, then they could ahve to make some employees redundant if they cannot move to Leeds and keep their jobs. However ost employees will move to Leeds with the business to keep their jobs or will jsut comute to Leeds and still live around London.

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