Ways of sampling Plants

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  • Used when areas looks unifom ( no clear pattern )
  • Use quadrats and place randomly using coordinates ( calculator to remove bias ).
  • Place a quadrat on one of the coordinates on the area. 
  • Count the number of species and population of species within a quadrat.
  • Repeat for reliability with several coordinates e.g. 10 repeats. 
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  • Used to investigate changes along a transect.
  • Transect is a line taken across habiat, e.g. tape measure.
  • Place a quadrat at set intervals across the transect e.g. 5m or 10m (Belt transect), or count up the organisms touching the line at set intervals (Line transect), or place the quadrat at the start of the transect and move it down the transect and count, so no gaps (Continuous Belt transect), or move the quadrat with odd set intervals, 5m then 10m (Interrupted Belt transect) 
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