Vietnam- causes,course and consequences

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  • French were in Vietnam trying to take over
  • The Vietnases were winnign largely due to Guerrilla warfare
  • The French were being supported by the USA via money and equipment.
  • The battle at Dien Phu was the final one for France and they backed out
  • The USA took over
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Why did USA fail in Vietnam?

  • Collapse of home front
  • Nixon elected as he promised to withdraw from Vietnam
  • Loss of Political Will
  • 2 MILLION dollars a day being spent on V
  • Indecisiveness of politicians gave NV view or relaxed US
  • Military Failure
  • Different tactics- guerrila warfare
  • search and destroy method
  • zippo raids
  • My Lai - huge mass murder of women and children
  • drug abuse 20,000
  • 5000 US troops treated for injury
  • Avg age 19
  • Napalm, chemical warfare- high casualty rates
  • Strategic hamlets
  • Communism applied hugely to peasants
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Why did USA get involved in Vietnam?

  • End of French rule
  • Atfer Dien Bien Phu Truman determined not to let V fall to communism
  • USA committed to Diem
  • SEATO signed to counter commuism in V
  • Eisenhower sent military advisors
  • In 1962 11,000 advisors in V
  • Commitment to Diem, hard to back out of
  • Kennedy thought he should be hard on communism
  • McNamara-defence secretary-HAWK
  • Military solution, no political or otherwise
  • Reform options failed
  • Couldn't get ri of Diem- commited US further
  • Johnsons kept McNamara- no new ideas
  • Gulf of Tonkin
  • Operation Rolling Thunder
  • Johnson sent US ground troops in 65
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