Using Music as a method of communication


Real Life Situation

RLS: In 19th century Jean Fracios created Soresol

  • 7 Music Notes
  • Universal Language
  • Gestures for deaf people
  • Prevented because Oralism

This lead to think 

  • Music used to communicate?
  • Would communicated be simplified?
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Knowledge Question

KQ: Roles language, sense perception & emotion transfering P - S Knowledge 

Definitions: Role



Significant: Zombie Song

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KC 1: P & S influenced by Language and Communicati

*Venn Diagram

"Language is tool"

Communication = Info passed on

Communication helps members

Soresol = Solfege

Language as WoK created by SK and creates SK

Language more comp - Slang Translations

Two = Good/Bad

Three = Fun & Games

Four = Group of Words

Soresol - No synonyms tense or parts of speech

Easy learn 

Misunderstandings can still happen

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CC 1: Sense Perception in SK influenced by interp

Tribe Namibia no word "Blue" - impact knowledge and communication outside

Debate: Culture shapes language use or inverse

Language = Culture related e.g. Slang

Whorf Hypothesis: Language determines think, are and know

Supporters language use changes outlook

This downgrades Sudre's universal language wish

Second language lead to better interactions - People view world same [affects building SK]

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KC 2: Emotion through Music form of communication

Music = channel communication

Music can produce emotions, allow expression

John Cage: Silence = music [4'33]

Statement through non-verbal language

Musical communication expressive intentions decoded

Musical communication = composer - listener (patterns in music - emotion)

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CC 2: Oralism prevented Soresol second language

Sersol accepted by some NOT everyone

Soresol expressed gestures

HoP Soresol teach deaf children

Unsuccessful - Oralism 

Oralism: Only use speech lip reading no use of hands

Benifitted most - oppertunity missed

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Language increase value = increase people

Language WoK given shared understanding

Whorf hyp: Lang changes outlook

Music channel of communication

Music allows emotions

Refrence to RLS: Universal language = new relationship countries - enables better understand

Argue Soresol not successful in wide spoken due colonization 

Langusits unlikely mother tounge replaced. Language = culture = personal identity

Food attire music (unique expression method)

RLS 2: GoT Language popularity increased - series began: Duolingo (increases value)

Peterson challanged to furthur develop 

Allow fans new way of communication

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This is a very good idea.

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