Types of plate boundaries

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Conservative (transform)

  • The 2 plate boundaries ether rub against or together each other.
  • This causes pressure to build up and with a jolt releases the energy (seismic waves), causing an earthquake.
  • This could be made worse by the rock type and if the focus is near the top of the earth then more energy comes out.
  • Example: San Andreas Fault- San Francisco.
  • (http://www.geographypods.com/uploads/7/6/2/2/7622863/272288893_orig.jpeg?201)
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  • The two plates collide together and go up creating a fold up montain.
  • Example: Mount Everest- Himalayas
  • (http://i-study.co.uk/images/images/photo_album/Tectonics/collision.gif)
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Constructive (divergent)


  • The two plates move apart so a gap is created.
  • Magma rises into the gap and creates a volcano, magma escapes easily causing an eruption.
  • No force.New land is made. Example: Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
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Destructive (convergent)

  • Oceanic crust always goes under the continental plate (subduction).
  • Oceanic crust is melted due to friction by movement.
  • Magma rises causing gaps in the contintal plate so a volcano forms.
  • Examples: Ring of Fire- Pacific Ocean
  • (http://www.sln.org.uk/geography/schools/blythebridge/images/Fig21oceanocean.gif)
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