TREATIES alphabetical

  • truce of Ayton 1497: established Anglo-Scottish harmony for the remainder of the reign and mature dinto a formal peace treaty in 1502
  • Treaty of Bruges 1521: a realistic alliance w/ Charles V 
  • Treaty of Cambrai 1508: ended phase 1 of wars between Francis I and HRE Charles V temporarily confirming hegemony in Italy
  • Treaty of Cambrai 1529: ladies of peace, whereby ladies planned to settle conflict between france, the empire & Pope 
  • League of Cognac 1526: 
  • Treaty of Etaples 1492: treaty between HVII and Charles VIII compensated Eng for involvement in campaign and ensured french wouldnt support warbeck of other pretenders 
  • Treaty of London 1518: peace between Netherland, France, England, Papacy, Burgundy, Spain & HRE 
  • Treaty of Medina del Campo 1489: tie eng and Spain together w/ marriage of Arthur and CofA
  • Treaty of Redon 1489: tie with Brittany. H sent 6000 troops to fight (at expense of Brittany) under expense of Daubney, preventing France from annexing Brittany 
  • Treaty of Westminister 1527: Eng and France against Empire 
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