• Why has Global Tourism increased?
  • The growth of Global Tourism
  • Attractions of destinations-Natural and Built
  • What tourists want
  • Sustainable tourism and Benidorm
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Sustainable Tourism 1

Sustainable tourism is:

  • The place, its people, and their culture are respected
  • The local people have a say in the decisions about tourism
  • They gain a fair share of the benefits, including money
  • There is as little damage to the enviroment as possible

The Vicious Circle!!!

1. Tour operators offer cheap packages to a resort.

2. Tourists rush to book because it's so cheap.

3. So developers rush to build new tourist facilities.

4. But development isn't managed or controlled...

5. ...So the resort's natural attractions get ruined...

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Sustainable Tourism 2

6. ...Now many tourists are put off.

7. So the operators have to slash prices further.


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The Growth of Global Tourism

  • Global tourism broke all records in 2007 with 900 million tourist arrivals.
  • Tourism generated $2bn US dollars each day.
  • The WTO are forecasting that tourism will continue to grow at a rate of 4.2% per year!

Global Tourism has increased because...

  • Better healthcare/insurance
  • Safer modes of transport
  • Increased holiday related advertising
  • Increased migrations means that family + friends chose to visit loved ones on holiday.
  • Better understanding of other locations
  • More tourist travel companies make it easier to access further destinations
  • Better travel infrastructure
  • Increased availability of cheap air travel
  • Travel is more efficient due to better technology and so journey time is shorter
  • Longer "paid" holidays
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