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economic importance of tourism

  • location- arabian gulf coast
  • attractions consist of: duty free dapartment stores, beaches eg jumeriah beach, hotels eg barjj kalifah, atlantis and long haul flights with emirates are good
  • it is easily accessible by asia and europe
  • 5.4 mill tourists in 2004 and exceeded extra 10 mill by 2010
  • tourists brought in 4.3billion in 2011
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tropical mass tourism destination

  • loction- island in the caribean sea
  • 1.9 mill tourists in 2011
  • attractions consist of- 7hours of sun light daily
  • average temp of 27'
  • 7 mile beach called negril
  • historic plantation houses e.g port maria
  • national park in blue mountains
  • bob marley music
  • traditional food like jerk chicken and curry goat
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lake district

attractions, impacts and managment of a national park

  • location- glaciated upland area in cumbria
  • attractions consist of water sports, hiking and wildlife
  • impacts consist of noise and big queues in honeypot sites e.g. grasmere had up to 10000 visitors in summer
  • litter build up at bowness
  • pollution due to 89% of visitors coming in cars
  • footpath errosion at gamlins end
  • solutions- park and ride, speed limit on lake windmere, no lorrie, fix the fells, bins and landscaped car parks
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butler model

  • location- seaside resort on irish coast
  • black pool fits the butler model
  • 1-EXPLORATION-small no of visitors due to 7 mile beach
  • 2-INVOLVEMENT-in 1846 railway was buillt encouraging tourists and locals provided facilities like b and bs
  • 3-DEVELOPMENT-large companies made larger facilities like pleasure beach which offered jobs
  • 4-CONSOLIDATION-tourism was large part of economy and between 1918 and 1936 was known as uk leading holiday resort
  • 5-STAGNATION-resort declined in visitors due to package holidays
  • 6-DECLINE- area became derelict due to no visitors but REJUVINATED- by £300mill in 2000
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impacts and managment of visitors in an extreme environment

  • location- south pole in the southern hemisphere
  • it has attractions like wilderness, landscapes, climbing and diving
  • impacts like wildlife becoming scared, especially breeding birs
  • errosion of fragile environments
  • oil spills from ships or boats killing sea life e.g. november 2007 Ms explorer
  • managed by rules of 5m from wildlife, boats only carrying 500 max, the antarctic treaty protects natural beauty
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galapogos islands

sustainable tourism

  • location- 1000km from west coast of south america
  • managed by strict rules of small ships only carring 10-16 people owned by locals
  • limited number of places on islands allowed to be visited
  • £25 fe to premote conservation of island
  • SSSI
  • locals trained to teach visitors to be careful
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