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Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach, which helps with digestion and kills bacteria

Indigestion remedies called antacids can neutralise exess stomach acid. Neutralisation reaction: acid + alkali(base) -> salt + water

Acids can be neutralised by metal oxides, hydroxides or carbonates

Hydrochloric acid _ chloride salts, nitric acid _ nitrate salts, sulfuric acid _ sulfate salts

Antacids containing the most reactive metals neutralise the fastest and are more effective

Electrolysis = a process in wich an elctrical current (d.c.) decomposes compouds. EG electrolysis of dilute hydrochloric acid to produce hydrogen and chlorine

Chlorine test - moist litimus paper turns red to white - lit splint extinguished.Hydrogen test - lit splint burns with a squeaky 'pop'. Oxygen - glowing splint relights

Chlorine - as toxic gas os hazardous that even with L-S manufacture - manufacture of bleach and PVC - can be obatained from sea water through electrolysis

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