Topic D Threats To Data


Topic D Threats To Data

The Main Threats To Data 

  • Accidental Damage- Dropping the device, Fire or flood, Hard Disk Crash.
  • Compromised Data- This Can be due to data breaches. 
  • Malware- malicious software designed to compromise computer functions. 
  • Hackers- This is a person that breaks into computer systems.
  • Password Cracking- This is testing different passwords until the correct one is found.
  • Phishing- A scam designed to trick people into giving their data 

Different Types of Malware 

  • Virus- A small software program that attaches onto other files or programs .
  • Worm- Uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself. 
  • Trojan Horse- Tricks users into downloading and running software that is malicious.
  • Ransomware- Malicious software that holds a users data ransom.
  • Spyware- Software that is used to track and spy on a user's data. 
  • Denials Of Service Attack- Huge increase of traffic to a site which slows or crashes the site.
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