The Weimar republic 1918-33

The agreement that had been signed and how this had effected germany.

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Treaty of versailles

The Diktat - 11th November 1918,Matthias Erzberger had signed an agreement to stop fighting.

Allied leaders

  • David Llyoyd (Britain)
  • Clemenceau (France)
  • Woodrow Wilson (United States)

All drew up the peace treaty.

Germany had to accept the treaty which had said that they had to reparations to the victorious nations,they also had to agree to reductioons in the armed forces and land.

28th June 1919,the German delegationsigned the Treaty of Versailles - This treaty had not been liked by the Germans because the new political leaders were blamed for signing the treaty.

The new link had then weakened the new republic right from the beginning.

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Treaty of versailles (Prt 2)

Germany payed reparations to allies - £6600 million

Germany lost all colonies - 11 german colonies in Africa and the far East were given to victorious countries as mandates

German military forces were cut - Army was limited down to 100,000 and also NO air force was allowed

Germany lost land -  Alsace and Lorraine were lost to France / Eupen and Malmedy were lost to Belgium ' Altogether Germany lost 13% of European territory and almost 50% of its iron,15% of coal

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