The Types of Family

Here are some cards on the types of family there are in this society!

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A group of people related by blood, marriage or adoption.

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The Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family:

Mum, dad and children living together in the same house. This is seen by many sociologists as the 'ideal' type of family.

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The Extended Family

Extended Family:

Parents, children and other relatives living together.

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The Horizontally Extended Family

Horizontally Extended Family:

When the extra family members are from the same generation as the parents e.g. a brother, sisters or cousins.

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The Vertically Extended Family

Vertically Extended Family:

When there are three or more generation of the same family living together e.g. Grandparents, parents and children.

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The Lone Parent Family

Lone Parent Family:

When one person lives with their children.

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The Reconstituted Family (Step Family)

Reconstituted Family (Step Family):

A family that contains at least one child that is not biologically related to one of the parents. Usually created as a result of divorce.

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The Household


A group of people, who may not be related but who live together and share facilities such as a living room.

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The Empty Nest Family:

Empty Nest Family:

A Nuclear Family where the children have grown up and moved out.

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The Empty Shell Marriage

Empty Shell Marriage:

A couple who remain married but are not longer love one another but may stay together for the sake of the children or their finances.

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The Commune Family

Commune Family:

A group of people who live together and agree to share their property, possessions and wealth.

Domestic work, child care and labour is shared.

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One man married to one woman; the same person for an entire lifetime.

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Serial Monogamy

Serial Monogamy:

Several relationships in a lifetime but only one partner at any one time.

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Having multiple partners.

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A woman with multiple male partners at any one time.


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A man with multiple female partners at any one time.

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