The Eye

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Diagram: The Eye


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Parts of the eye

Sclera - The tough, visible, white part of the eye 

Cornea - Lets light into the eye

Iris - Coloured ring of tissue

Pupil - Lets light through => is black because no light is escaping from the inside of the eye

Chloroid - Contains pigment cells that stop light being reflected around inside of the eye

Retina - The place that light energy is transduced to electrical energy of nerve impulses

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How the eye focuses on distant/nearby objects


  • Ciliary muscles relax
  • Suspensory ligaments pulled tight
  • Lens becomes 'flat'


  • Ciliary muscles contract
  • Suspensory ligaments slack
  • Lens becomes rounded
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How the eye focuses on bright/dim light


  • Circular muscle contracts
  • Radial muscles relax
  • Pupil constricts


  • Circular muscles relax
  • Radial muscles contract
  • Pupil dialates
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