the black death


what was the black death.

most historians believe was the bubonic plague.

carried by fleas on black rats

brought disease to different countries on trading ships

bubonic plague is passed to humans when an infected flea bites them and the disease enters their blood.

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how people thought the black death was caused

religion- god sent them the black death as punishment for their sins.

astrology- the alignment of the planets seemed unusual

volcanoes- posionous gases from the earth's volcanoes and earthquakes carried in the air

four humours- believed that galen's theory- all diseases caused by an imbalance in the four humours

outsiders- strangers or witches had caused the disease.

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how people tried to avoid catching the black death

flagellants- would whip themselves and eachother and pray to show god they were sorry and asked for his mercy

praying and fasting

clearing up rubbish in the streets

smelling toilets

lighting a fire in the room

carrying herbs or spices

not letting unknown people enter the town

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swelling of the lymph glands into buboes- large lumps filled with pus

fevers and chills


vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain

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praying and holding lucky charms

cutting open buboes to drain pus

holding bread against the buboes

eating cool things and taking cold baths

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